Every business needs written procedures which define how business is conducted day to day.

Every business regardless of their size or complexity has a set of procedures (written or just by custom and practice), whether they are formally recognised or operated by people on “autopilot”. The purpose of business processes and quality management is to ensure that things are done well and consistently, regardless of which person carries out the task.

Systems should be designed to provide clear guidance to people working in the organisation, to avoid errors, improve productivity and to set high quality standards.

There are two reasons for ensuring that you look at your processes:

  1. If you do things effectively and efficiently, you will provide better goods or services, more quickly and at a lower cost.
  2. In many sectors, your customers may want proof that your systems for maintaining a high level of service have been subjected to independent testing.

This means that there are benefits to your company and your customers if you have systems which enhance the quality of your service and make you more profitable. Efficiency and marketing advantage are clearly linked and it is no coincidence that the most successful organisations in the world invest a lot of effort into making their systems and procedures effective.

Be clear about the purpose of your systems. First and foremost, they are there to make you effective and efficient. Marketing advantage will be a by-product of a good system – not the primary function. Make sure the “tail does not wag the dog”.

For more details on how to improve your business’s efficiency through business processes and quality management, go to www.stayoutfront.com/toolkit