An employer-employee relationship is both a financial and a social contract. All employers rely on the skills and endeavour of their employees, who are prepared to give up their time and energy in order that they can earn a living. Effective employer/employee relationships are those which are based upon both the spirit as well as the letter of the employment contract.

Successful businesses understand that being a good employer does not cost any money, which means that you can be a good employer during difficult economic times as well as in a boom. In fact, being a good employer saves money because it reduces ‘churn’ and avoids the need to replace people, which wastes time and money.

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With Facebook putting some of their shares on the market in May 2012, it is difficult to avoid news about social media, such as Twitter and Facebook

Stories about the impact of social media have been many and varied including:

  • Arguments between sports personalities about incidents on the field.
  • The fuelling of London riots in 2011.
  • The imprisonment of a University student for a racist remark.
  • The mobilisation of thousands of protestors in several nations during the “Arab Spring”.

There is so much ‘hype’ and mis-information about social media; it can be difficult for businesses to decide how they should participate. Counter to the ‘hype’ there is also prejudice against social media; it is often attacked for being trivial

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