There is no doubt that Google translate and other similar products are very useful to understand something you have received in another language providing a close approximation of the true meaning of the document. 

However, when you are producing a document with marketing or sales messages in mind they do not always provide the result that you might need, which means that you might undermine the confidence of your customer or prospective customer. 

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There is nothing that can damage a business as much as losing the trust of customers.

Trust is a very precious commodity which takes years to build up, but can be lost in an instant when people find out that a company has done anything illegal, unethical or conspiring to put profit above the interests of customers.

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Films and TV tend to portray business people sealing major deals over a substantial liquid lunch. Whilst it may be true in some areas of business where the parties are well known to each other, the truth is that it is rarely a good idea to be involved in anything to do with business – particularly marketing and sales - when under the influence of alcohol.

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In the five years that followed the worldwide financial slump in 2008, online sales have increased by 23 per cent. Clearly, this increase has been at the expense of going to traditional shops.

It would be easy to draw the conclusion that the rise of online sales is inexorable and that this sounds the death knell for traditional shopping. If you are a shop owner, before you convince yourself that there is a spiral of decline in your prospects, it is important that you

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The bad news is that the majority of businesses are not making the best use of all the marketing and sales channels that exist to help them. This means that they are not winning as much business as they should.

The good news is that it is not very difficult to put that right and the impact when you do so is to dramatically increase your sales. If you don’t think you have set things up correctly yet, the opportunities to boost your sales can be very exciting.

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The marketing opportunity to be had at the moment you find you have been unsuccessful in winning a bid

If you have put in a bid, particularly for something complex such as extensive professional services, you will have had a lot of contact with the potential customer.

In the first instance, it may have taken you a long time to find them and the process of bidding may also have been time consuming as you find out more about their requirements and the professional solution that you might have to solve their problems. It is also possible that you will have incurred considerable costs.

How do you put emotions aside, consider things from your customers point of view, and see what marketing advantage you can gain from it?

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September 2012 was a significant month for economic news across the globe as a number of key indicators were revealed in the UK, the Eurozone and the USA

In the UK the essential facts were as follows:

  • The Monetary Policy Committee and Bank of England continue to vote for no change to interest rates and a recent forecast from RBS Group suggests that this will remain the case until 2016.
  • The impact of further quantitative easing in July and the start of the Bank of England’s "Funding for Lending" Program in August have yet to show up in the figures.

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With Facebook putting some of their shares on the market in May 2012, it is difficult to avoid news about social media, such as Twitter and Facebook

Stories about the impact of social media have been many and varied including:

  • Arguments between sports personalities about incidents on the field.
  • The fuelling of London riots in 2011.
  • The imprisonment of a University student for a racist remark.
  • The mobilisation of thousands of protestors in several nations during the “Arab Spring”.

There is so much ‘hype’ and mis-information about social media; it can be difficult for businesses to decide how they should participate. Counter to the ‘hype’ there is also prejudice against social media; it is often attacked for being trivial

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