In our last blog on cyber-security we explained why you should use a password manager to create super-strong unique passwords, nailed down with two-factor authentication. 

But if you really don't want to use a password manager, then lets look at a way you can create unique passwords for each site using the site or company name to create a code to add to your strong master password:

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One of the most ubiquitous phrases of 2013 has been “Big Data” and you could be forgiven for thinking that if you are not using “big data” in your business, you are somehow failing or are just about to suffer a major calamity.

For the majority of businesses, this could not be further from the truth....

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If you want your business to be successful, it is clear that you need to have a good strategy for technology and that you implement it properly. All successful businesses have a very intelligent approach to the use of technology because they follow four, simple, golden rules.

  1. Never rush a decision on business technology

    You will live with the consequences of a bad decision for some time, so it pays to take the time to get the right decision.

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Fourth generation mobile phone technology is currently being rolled out to 16 cities in the UK. So what is 4G, and what does it mean for UK businesses?

Essentially it means that you will be able to send and receive data on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop around five times faster than you can with current 3G enabled devices. It means no more hunting for WiFi hotspots when you need to download a big file, or send a large report by email, when you are out of the office.

In fact it may offer a better service than that provided by overused WiFi services connected to landlines in public areas such as hotels and coffee shops.

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