The Economist Intelligence Unit reported in 2016 that there is a significant difference in productivity, creativity, satisfaction and loyalty, when an employer uses mobile technology well.

Larger organisations understand and champion flexible working, and the Lancaster University Work Foundation say that 70% of UK organisations expect flexible working to be their main way of working by 2020.

The improvements in performance are stunning when an employee has access to the right tools for their job.

                Productivity        -              16% higher

                Creativity            -              18% higher

                Job satisfaction­  -              23% higher

                Loyalty                -              21% higher

This means that every small business has the opportunity to compete with larger companies merely by keeping up with technology and using it well.

You will retain good people, create a better working environment and be more productive.

All of these things mean one thing – an increase in profit. Most small companies have a chance to increase their profits 10%-50% with relative ease.