The bad news is that the majority of businesses are not making the best use of all the marketing and sales channels that exist to help them. This means that they are not winning as much business as they should.

The good news is that it is not very difficult to put that right and the impact when you do so is to dramatically increase your sales. If you don’t think you have set things up correctly yet, the opportunities to boost your sales can be very exciting.

The way to win business is to make three distinct, but interconnected processes, work in harmony. They are:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Public Relations

The purpose of marketing is to learn what clients need and to carry out the necessary homework to find out who your customers are and what goods and services will satisfy their needs.

The purpose of sales is to convince your potential customers that you are the best one to provide the goods or services they need.

The purpose of public relations is to ensure that you are seen in a good light, which prepares the ground for the next wave of marketing and sales activity. The three purposes work together to form the marketing funnel:

Marketing, Sales and Public Relations Funnel

You win more business when you understand these three processes and make them work together.

Management Tip

The more organised your sales and marketing processes the less time you will waste. In addition, the more “channels” you use the more business you will win.

It is imperative that you implement marketing and sales processes which are relevant to your business and the customers that you aspire to serve. This means that you need to decide:

  1. Are we local, national or international??
  2. Are we selling business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C)?
  3. Specifically who are your customers and how is it best to approach them?

When these three things are understood you can plan and implement the marketing and sales channels that are right for your business.

Develop your Marketing, Sales and PR processes with the Business Transformation Toolkit

Section 03 includes the following:
  1. How to harness the three processes of marketing, sales and PR to win more business.
  2. How to decide what marketing channels are right for your business (there are 14 channels).
  3. How to assess conversion rates and improve them.
  4. How to understand your customers’ needs and position yourself to fulfil them.
  5. How the sales process works in practice.
  6. Developing the right attitude to carry out sales effectively.
  7. How to approach the eleven stages of the sales process.
  8. Sixteen sales skills from avoiding cold calling to making sure that you keep in touch with customers after the sale.
  9. How to make sure that you conduct your PR so that your organisation is seen in a good light.
  10. The benefits of PR.
  11. Fifteen primary PR activities.
  12. Three secondary PR activities.

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