If you want your business to be successful, it is clear that you need to have a good strategy for technology and that you implement it properly. All successful businesses have a very intelligent approach to the use of technology because they follow four, simple, golden rules.

  1. Never rush a decision on business technology

    You will live with the consequences of a bad decision for some time, so it pays to take the time to get the right decision.

    This is NOT an invitation to procrastinate. It is important to get the facts and make a good decision, promptly.

  2. You should only use technology to carry out a business process if you can find a good operational or economic case for doing so

    It is possible to over-react in the use of technology and buy equipment or software that is inappropriate for your business. Think carefully about the scale and complexity of your business and spend money wisely on getting the technology that is right for your business.

  3. It is impossible to keep pace fully with the rate of development of technology, so don’t try

    It is best to be pragmatic about updating your technology. It is a very expensive task to upgrade every piece of equipment or software every time there is a new version. The new features or benefits may not be worth the investment. This does not mean that you should delay modernisation indefinitely. One simple step is to take every other upgrade, which means that you keep up to date but without constant change or excessive expenditure.

  4. Be open minded to technology that may disrupt existing business processes

    Some technology allows better alternative business processes to be introduced but can cause some short term disruption. One example may be switching from manual design to computer aided design, which requires different skill sets for your people.

    The most important thing when investing in technology is to think of the long term objectives.

Management Tip

Focus on what technology DOES, not what it is or how it works

Review and improve your business technology with the Business Transformation Toolkit

Section 04 includes the following:

  1. The importance of technology.
  2. How to make sound decisions on technology.
  3. How to create a technology strategy.
  4. The common mistakes in using systems and software.
  5. Infrastructure, hardware and devices.
  6. The importance of training and support.

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