Business Transformation Toolkit

A comprehensive programme that puts you in the driving seat to analyse, understand and improve every facet of your business quickly

The Business Transformation Toolkit is for business owners and managers that want to improve their business to make everything more efficient and increase profits with less wasted time and effort. It contains practical, tested and proven techniques for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of sectors.

6 Steps to a better business

The Business Transformation Toolkit comes in 6 sections:

Strategy & Business Planning

Setting the right course for your business - discover how you can position your business in the ideal way, to strengthen your brand and improve your profile giving you a much better chance of winning more business.

Administration & Finance

Improving your finances - get the most out of your existing financial information and use the graphs and templates in this section to measure new trends and take actions that will increase your profits.

Marketing Sales & PR

Winning more business - harness the power of marketing, sales and PR and make them work in perfect harmony to significantly increase the volume of profitable business that you win.

Business Technology

Using technology to drive efficiency - discover how to ensure that your existing or planned technology drives the efficiency of your business and makes financial sense.

People Management

Ensuring that your people achieve results - create a structure that is clear, streamlined and effective and adjust your people management procedures to get the best out of your entire workforce.

Business Processes & Quality Management

Improving quality through good systems - introduce tried and tested systems that will eliminate operational errors from your business, increase customer satisfaction and lead to more repeat business.

So What's included?

Each section of the Business Transformation Toolkit contains the following:


The booklets describe in very clear terms how you should approach each aspect of your business. They contain examples from successful businesses and are crammed with useful tips about how to improve your business


These help you to apply the knowledge you have gained from the booklets to specific parts of your business. They take you step by step through the process of making changes to your business, from planning to implementation

Articles, templates & checklists

These varied online resources contain everything you need to make changes to your business. For example, when we refer to a specific finance ratio, we provide a template which will draw the graph for you, based on figures that you can input directly. These resources are constantly growing and updated


We have hand-picked “best of class” books from leading authors and you can buy these conveniently from our bookstore with one click to enhance your knowledge on any subject of your choosing

Email support programme

Each week we provide you with reminders, encouragement, support and additional tips, through our email support programme

CPD Certificates

In your toolkit you can download Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificates for each module. These are beneficial for individuals who are members of professional institutions that require proof of CPD or for companies that monitor the training and CPD of their people and like to keep copies in their personnel files

Get Started

Get started with our 6 month subscription programme, buy one or more sections, or get a discount by investing in one of our packages (the strategy package is great for startups).


Subscribe to the toolkit. Work through each of the 6 sections, one month at a time.
Note: You can stop and start the subscription at any time.

Toolkit Subscription


Pick and choose from the 6 sections


Get a discount by investing in one of our packages. The strategy and marketing package is the most important package for all businesses. The processes package is best suited to growing businesses.

Presentation Binder

If you prefer to read on paper, get this presentation binder (complete with section dividers) to keep all your printed booklets and workbooks.

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